Let’s do shots. But not THERE!

Having diabetes, whether you pump, CGM, finger-stick only or use multiple daily injections (MDI) means one thing for sure: you are a human pincushion. Talk to someone even month into their diagnosis and they will tell you they’re so used to sticks at that point that something piercing your skin becomes as regular as brushing […]

Straight Creepin’.

I put my Omnipods through a lot. I sweat on them in the gym and out running, I do sit-ups on ’em, toss and turn through my sleep. Most of the time, they hold up incredibly well. But ever since I got the new smaller pods, I’ve had several do this weird creep-up thing with […]

Bent over backwards!

Seriously? How was I not slipping into Ketone-Land on the DKA Train with a cannula looking like THAT?! I changed my pump site on Saturday and was shocked to see the cannula bent in two places. It’s a little hard to tell from the photo, but if you look closely you will see that it’s […]

Do I take these devices, to have and to hold?

I generally use my blog for sharing stories and getting a conversation going with all of you folks about what’s going on in all of our diabetes lives. I don’t like to use my blog for crowd-sourcing, but sometimes, I just need y’all’s help. I’m having a bit of a wedding dress debacle. I’m completely […]

Smaller, and henceforth closer.

When I came back from our trip to Asia in April, I had the shiny, new Dexcom G4 waiting for me at home. Six months into using it, I love a lot of the new improvements on this device including the longer battery life and of course, the improved accuracy overall and especially in the […]

Hot tip for my fellow podders…

This post is short and sweet, because it’s about an extremely easy trick I just learned that actually works and really helps with Omnipod site changes. I’ve blogged many times about how I suffer from highs when I change my pod. The transition can be a bit rough for the first few hours into a […]

Holy. Aggressive. Vampire Cannula.

And you wonder why you were staying up in the high 200s all day? Is there even any insulin in that thing? In all seriousness, I knew something was up with this pod when it starting hurting at the insertion site when I ran. On each bounce of each step, there was a sharp pain […]

Damn you site change!

This is what happens every. Single. Time. I change my damn pump. I start off in range with a great blood sugar, but then I get a steady creep-up into the 200s until things finally calm down about five hours into wearing a new pod. For this one, I even bolused before AND after changing […]

Meal plans, and lack thereof.

There’s a laundry list of questions us folks with diabetes get asked: “Are you allowed to eat that?” “Did you eat a lot of sugar as a child?” “Does the pump control everything for you?” These would all make the Top Ten list for most annoying and probably the Top Ten for most frequently asked. […]

Just call me Rusty…

On Tuesday night I fell in to bed exhausted and rolled on to my left side, only to pop up like a spring because of the sharp pain coming from my left hip. My Dexcom sensor was somehow irritated, either from the pressure, or from it being day six, or who knows what else. Whatever […]