The Why.

“He’s just not been taking care of himself.” I’ve heard this at least a thousand times, whether from a friend of a person with diabetes or like a few weeks ago, from a parent of a teenager with T1. They complain about how he just doesn’t care and he’s going to suffer the consequences if […]

Positive ID!

About a year ago this time I was newly married and making the rounds in the world of “changing your name.” There was the Social Security office, the DMV, my credit card, my bank, my gym membership, my Facebook….the list went on and on. Turns out when you’ve been known by a particular name for […]

Carbs? What Carbs?

Super normal breakfast, right? Total units taken: 0.5. BG after breakfast: 93mg/dL. Here’s to holding on to 5.9%!

Normal Pancreas Person Numbers.

Jacob and I have always had plans to start a family one day (nope, no people, this is not a “we’re expecting post” by any means…slow your roll!) but we both always knew that involves me having some seriously stellar numbers and in particular, a super-low A1c. Months ago, my endo told me she prefers her […]

Glucose Tablets: Making a Comeback.

Glucose tablets. We all meet them at some point during our diabetes life time. It’s usually towards the beginning when you’re first diagnosed and your doctor or CDE tells you that they are a simple, fast way to get the required 15 grams of carb down your gullet when you’re low. You might have used […]

Have it your way.

Have you ever ordered a venti, sugar-free, non-fat mocha…with whip cream? Or maybe you’ve ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries and..a diet coke. I’ve been guilty of both of these orders in my lifetime and I don’t feel bad about it.  Many people might say “why not just go for the real deal and get the full-fat, […]

The undershare.

It was one of those perfect summer nights – nice and warm but with a breeze that keeps it pleasant. It couldn’t have been a better night for a dinner on a friend’s patio. As we sat down to dine with a large group of friends and extended friends, someone I didn’t know well saw […]

Review: Halo Top Ice Cream

I am very lucky that as a blogger, companies want to send me products to review. But the downside of that is that at least once a week, I get someone pitching a “sugar free” or “safe for diabetics” food that makes all sorts of outrageous claims about their carb counts, net carbs, and why […]


I hear: “Nice job on those box jumps this morning.” I want to hear:  “I can’t believe you managed to use your temp basal rates to get through a tough workout even though you started class at 65mg/dL.” I hear: “Enjoy your coffee!” I want to hear: “I know this might raise your blood sugar […]

Comfort Zone?

I meet a lot of patients in my day job, and I’m used to everyone having a different way of managing their diabetes, with individualized targets and goals. This is often reflected when speaking with patients about where they set their low and high thresholds on their CGMs (the thresholds are the low and high […]