Guilt for two.

It’s 4am, and I can’t sleep. No, it’s not the expanding belly I’m sporting or the crazy workday I have tomorrow that’s keeping me awake. It’s the fact that my blood sugar is still over 200mg/dL despite the fact that I’ve been bolusing every two hours since I went to bed at 10pm the night […]

CHO with my coffee? Or nah?

I’ve long struggled with my dinner-time bolusing due to the fact that 1.) Jacob and I tend to eat dinner pretty late (8pm is the regular), and 2.) we eat pretty low carb (good in the short term, but can be challenging as higher-fat, higher-protein foods digest hours later). When my endo and I discussed this […]

The Contraband List.

My A1c right now is 5.5%. Please take a moment to log that, remember it, frame it in your mind and put it up in the Trophy Case because IT WILL NEVER BE THIS LOW AGAIN (unless we eventually have another kid which also, please don’t ask me if we are going to because I […]

Duly noted.

Doctors these days are plagued with the burden of documenting more than ever. Each chart note must explain in graphic detail what was discussed, how much time was spent face-to-face, and exactly what mitigating strategies will be implemented for any high-risk behaviors or conditions. After 22 years with diabetes, I’ve racked up quite the file. Recently, […]

Product Review: Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade

Lemme go ahead and tell you about one of the greatest injustices of our modern world: You are a normal person until one day, you take a pregnancy test that comes back positive. It is everything you ever hoped for and simply amazing. And then you realize that for the next nine months, you will […]

Hello, Panda. Also thanks.

We’ve all had lows at inopportune times. You’re in the middle of a great workout and you have to choke down glucose tablets while on the treadmill. Or you’re driving somewhere and you’re late only to have to pull over and wait the full 15 minutes for your BG to come back up. And we’ve […]

It’s Creepy Selfie Time! AKA Annual Eye Exam.

Ah, the annual dilated eye exam. A time for me to totally freak out, retreat into a dark cloud of terror surrounding my biggest diabetes fear (losing my sight), and become generally overwhelmed by anxiety approaching the appointment wondering if the THIS is the year the doctor says “yep, you’re screwed.” The eye exam is […]

One Day.

Life is full of “one days.” One day I’ll get married you think to yourself. One day we’ll own a home. One day I’ll finally be able to run a full marathon. If you have diabetes, there are other “one days” that go along with that. One day there will be an artificial pancreas. One […]

Get me off this thing.

This my friends is the Glucoaster.   If you’re not familiar with this horrendous ride, the Glucoaster refers to a day full of wide swings in your blood sugar. Highest of highs riding the upper rails of your CGM, followed (or precipitated) by earth-shattering lows. Rinse, repeat. Over and over again until your CGM graph […]

Reading into the numbers.

The numbers on the dash read: 94 28 384 411 I know that these are the radio station, the average MPG, the range left in my tank, and the time, in that order. But before my brain registers any of these things having to do with a car, all I can think is “good blood […]