Get me off this thing.

This my friends is the Glucoaster.   If you’re not familiar with this horrendous ride, the Glucoaster refers to a day full of wide swings in your blood sugar. Highest of highs riding the upper rails of your CGM, followed (or precipitated) by earth-shattering lows. Rinse, repeat. Over and over again until your CGM graph […]

Reading into the numbers.

The numbers on the dash read: 94 28 384 411 I know that these are the radio station, the average MPG, the range left in my tank, and the time, in that order. But before my brain registers any of these things having to do with a car, all I can think is “good blood […]

Downhill slope.

We all have differing levels of confidence when it comes to certain activities and managing our diabetes. For example, I feel very confident in my ability to manage my diabetes on long runs, having trained for several half marathons at this point. Sure, I don’t always get it right and there will always be some surprises […]

The trashiest folks.

With pump infusion usually lasting three days, and my CGM sensor lasting seven days, it’s rare that the moon and the stars align and I have a day where I’m switching both of them out at the same time. But when it does happen it’s 1.) awesome and 2.) mildly horrifying. Let’s start with awesome. […]

The Hangover.

Hangovers from alcohol are really awful, and the reason why at the ripe old age of 32 I can happily say I finally grew up a few years ago and haven’t had a severe one in ages (and believe me, it wouldn’t take much to invoke one these days…like two glasses of wine is a ca-razy […]

No coverage.

Last week, a new email popped up in my inbox. The subject line was innocent enough. It read “Are you covering The Lancet study on Women and Diabetes?” No, I wasn’t, but I’d like to know more. I mean, I’m a woman with diabetes, so there’s that. Then I opened the email and read on. […]

Not so super bowl-us.

You know what really gets my goat? When I think I’ve really done a great job with my diabetes management.  Those moments where you think you’ve navigated through a tough situation and come out winning. You’re all stoked and feeling like a diabetes ninja. And then I hear the beeeeep beeeep of my CGM, check the number […]

Portrait of a Rushed Diabetic

Wednesday afternoon (and actually the entire evening as well) found me plane hopping on what can only be considered the longest route possible back to Portland from a sales meeting in Miami. Although I was stoked on the gorgeous meeting location, the trek across the country was no small feat. As I was getting ready […]

Let it out.

It was another crazy busy day at work. I had been to three different cities in the Pacific Northwest already, and it was barely 2pm. It was one of those days of running around, putting out fires, trying to get everything done on a seemingly endless list of to-dos. At one of my accounts, I […]

The SDE: Spontaneous Diabetes Explosion

“Ok and with your steak tonight miss did you want a baked potato or french fries?” “Um, neither, thank you. I’m good.” “Are you sure, they come with the entrée for free?” “No thank you I don’t want any. I have Type 1 diabetes and I just don’t eat potatoes that often. It’s not that […]