Just an average.

I’ve had some great A1cs in my life, and some really crummy ones. And most of the time, when I’m under 6.5%, it’s because of hard work and determination. But there are other ways to get to a low A1c. We can’t ever forget that A1cs are simply an average – meaning a great A1c can easily be […]


That’s all. Literally “bananas” the noun and also the euphemism for “drive me bats%$* crazy. I bolus for them. I eat them. Things fall apart. And I know SO MANY people with diabetes who love bananas! They’re easy to bolus for! they claim. Lies.   Here is 15 minutes after eating a medium banana, for […]

The long haul.

You know how awesome that feeling is when you finally reach a goal that you’ve been trying to get to for SO LONG? It’s awesome right? You’re all doing a double fist pump in the air and like “Hellll yeeeaaaah I made it!” That’s how I felt when I hit my A1c goal of being under 6.5%. But […]

Hallmark has nothing on these ladies. Diabetes Greeting Cards. Yes, for real.

Here in glorious 2014, there’s a whole LOT of stuff for diabetes that I wish I’d had around as a kid: My CGM for one, my tubeless insulin pump for another. And oh yeah –rapid-acting insulin would have really made a difference during those cupcake-fueled slumber parties circa sixth grade. One thing I know for […]

Bolus Optional…

That moment on Sunday, July 6th when you ran six miles the day before and kept your meals super duper low carb for the past 24 hours and you realize you haven’t bolused AT ALL since noon…noon on July 5th, that is. As in, more than 24 hours ago… Wowza. That whole “latent exercise effect” […]

Low varietals.

I’m not really sure why I ask questions like the one I’m about to ask because the answer is usually “diabetes makes no sense,” but here it  goes anyway: How is it that lows of comparable numbers can present so differently? You know what I mean? Like you can have a 54 that you barely […]

Micro Manage.

Ah half marathon training! It seems like it can only be good for you and your body. You’re torching calories, toning up those legs, and all that exercise should totally help control my blood sugars, right? Um. Not really. At least, not right now while I’m getting used to running longer distances again. It’s been […]

Track Changes.

One of the best things though about having a CGM is being able to track my numbers in the downloads. I’d never really been a person who downloads their CGM frequently before I started seeing a new doctor here in Portland. Her office does it the second I walk in for my visit, and that, […]

Note to self: Don’t wonder. Just fix it.

There are very few things I miss about taking injections since going on a pump in 2008. Pretty much everything is easier and works better for me with my insulin pump, and I don’t miss those orange-capped spears floating around the bottom of my bag threatening to poke me while rummaging around for a lip gloss, […]

Basal test success! Well, kind of.

I woke up on Monday morning, all stoked that I’d been able to do my basal test the night before. I couldn’t wait to find out where my trouble spots were and how I could fine tune my overnight basal rates into perfection. I eagerly reached for my CGM and found…this. Um. Well then. Ok! […]