Guest Post: TrialReach demystifies Clinical Trial Access

I can’t tell you the number of times a reader, a patient I meet at work, or someone totally random asks me “Hey, do you know of any clinical trials going on right now for diabetes?” And usually, my answer is **shoulder shrug.** And then this dude Mat reached out to me and all of […]

I’ve got my eye on you.

I’m watching you, diabetes. Yes you. I’m watching you when you think I’m not. I see you when you’re trying to be sneaky. When you think I’ll ignore you and let you creep into spaces that derail my goal of a 6.5% A1c. Remember how I used to let it slide when I saw a […]


I’ll admit it: I judged him a little the minute I saw him. He was skinny in an unhealthy way, pale Portland skin with a neck tattoo creeping out above his purple polo shirt collar. His wallet chain dangled from his pocket and swayed as he walked over with my stack of copies. It was […]

That was…actually easy for once.

If you’ve had diabetes for say, oh a week or so, then you’ve already come to terms with the fact that you will spend a lot of time on the phone arguing about things. These things will mostly revolve around insurance. They will include explaining why CGM sensors should not be considered durable medical goods […]

Wide Awake in Here…

After yesterday’s downer of a post, I thought I’d share the upside of getting a dilated eye exam. You can take super-awkward selfies of your dilated pupils while waiting for the doctor to come in. This look is somewhere between appearing a bit, um, high (and I don’t mean in the blood sugar sense) and […]

In Constant Escape.

Every year that goes by with diabetes that you don’t have a complications it feels like you escaped something. Like you’ve been running away from this awful specter of the dreaded, faceless “complications,” but you know that statistics say it will eventually catch up with you. But you always keep running, trying to outpace them. […]

No Cut-sies.

Diabetes has a way of “cutting to the front of the line” so to speak, when it comes to your health. We’re always prioritizing diabetes, and caving to its little tantrums that demand attention. Lows pull us in acutely, and can cost us exercise, food freedom, and brain activity. Highs do the same, messing up […]

Portrait of a Low.

            Thank goodness for bread baskets. Because I’d ordered the┬ásteak…

Use it or lose it?

There was a time when the phrase “smart pump” did not exist in the diabetes world. There was basically one pump brand on the market and it did one thing: deliver insulin. But if you look at the pumps that have entered the market in the last five years, you’ll see all sorts of “smart” […]

And there it is.

Just like that. Just when I had started to worry that maybe all the hard work wasn’t paying off. That I was spinning my wheels. That I was going to Crazy Town, correcting 150s and 152s and counting out those exact 15 carbs for lows and trying every app in existence to get my carb […]