Portrait of a Rushed Diabetic

Wednesday afternoon (and actually the entire evening as well) found me plane hopping on what can only be considered the longest route possible back to Portland from a sales meeting in Miami. Although I was stoked on the gorgeous meeting location, the trek across the country was no small feat. As I was getting ready […]

Let it out.

It was another crazy busy day at work. I had been to three different cities in the Pacific Northwest already, and it was barely 2pm. It was one of those days of running around, putting out fires, trying to get everything done on a seemingly endless list of to-dos. At one of my accounts, I […]

The SDE: Spontaneous Diabetes Explosion

“Ok and with your steak tonight miss did you want a baked potato or french fries?” “Um, neither, thank you. I’m good.” “Are you sure, they come with the entrée for free?” “No thank you I don’t want any. I have Type 1 diabetes and I just don’t eat potatoes that often. It’s not that […]

Fancy (low) pants.

For the past few years, my stepmom has given me candy in my stocking for Christmas – and not because she’s trying to tempt me. She gives me Jelly Beans in small packets and boxes that are great to stash for lows in the car or my gym bag. I’m always happy to have these […]

Burn less, Basals up

How can I NOT start the new year with a post about exercise? I wish this was a post about how much exercise I’ve been doing and what cool new race I’ve signed up for as a resolution, but it’s not. No friends, this is way less exciting. I have an injured Achilles tendon and […]

Happy New Year!

I’m taking a much needed break as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 31st. Right up until then, I’m trying to close out the year at work. So I will leave 2014 with a simple thank you to my readers and the Diabetes Online Community. You are the reason that I know I […]

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, magical, healthy Christmas full of joy and flat-lined CGMs. From our Little Elf (who has still not forgiven us for this photo) to you and yours!    


Someone. Please. Carb. Count. For. Me. BRAIN CANNOT COMPUTE! Also I’m really hoping I packed extra Humalog right about now….it certainly is the Holidays!      

32. And 22.

Today I turn 32 years old. And next week, my diabetes will clock 22 years. I’m now in a category of “more than two decades with diabetes.” And also “in my early 30s.” I can’t have a birthday or a Christmas without thinking about my diagnosis and my duration with this disease,  because I was […]

Le Lance.

You know what we really don’t spend any time talking about in the diabetes world? Lancing devices. I’m guessing because it feels like there’s not too many differences between them, and they’re not crazy-town expensive like test strips are, nor do they do anything as cool as our CGMs and pumps. Also, they’re kind of […]